Thank you so much for visting our Deposit a Gift page! There is no other way to say it folks... we need cash!

We are just starting our lives together, and we are trying hard to follow the admonition to keep our lives simple. We had been praying about how exactly to do this as regards to our living arrangements and Jehovah definitely has answered our fervent prayers!

We have acquired an older, small, single wide mobile home that is perfect for us... one bedroom, one bathroom. It's all we need for both of us to keep on serving Jehovah full time! The best part is... it was FREE!!! However, remodeling it is not free. We are basically gutting it so we can reinforce it structurally. We will be fixing the roof, ceiling, and floors. Also, the kitchen and bathroom will need work. We hope to complete the project by this summer. We will be posting pictures to show our progress!

We appreciate any gifts deposited on this site! Thank you so much in advance! We cannot express out gratitude enough!

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